Easy Way To Enhance Your Photos in Photoshop

1.change mode 32 bit. go to image>mode>32 bit..

2.back to normal bit..8bit

3.then choose Equalize histogram,then hit OK!

4.Duplicate your background layer,then CTRL M on output 155 and 111 input then OK!

5. go to filter sharpen then unsharp mask..

6. use setting above (try your own taste)then OK!

7.Apply mask on background copy layer,Use brush tool with low opacity and 0 hardness,erase the part that too much sharp as what the pic above..

8.Create new layer above then use rectangular marque tool then draw a box,then go to select tab choose inverse,then back to select tab choose refine edge,look the pic above,try to make your own settings..then OK!

9.then go to edit tab>fill choose the color you want to fill in...this tuts ill choose black..

    Comment and suggestion are highly appreciated..

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